If you have a computer with Windows operating system on it and a video recording camera which can be connected to the computer to transfer the captured video then you are well equipped to edit your own movies. You can shoot the video and can easily edit it on your computer and make it viewable and interesting. You can add special effects to it, cut unnecessary portions from it and make it a small and precise. In this post I will it for life time.

Here are some of the tips to editing movies through Windows Movie Maker:

Create a New Project: Whenever you start editing a new video make sure that you start with a new project so that whatever you change, changes only in this video and not any other old one. Also make sure that you create a backup of the original video which you transferred from the camera for obvious reasons.

Import Movie: After creating a new project the first thing obviously would be to import your captured movie into it. This can easily be done through the File and Import option.

Cut unwanted portion: When we shoot a video we almost shoot everything and anything. This results in a very lengthy video which might not interest the viewers. People are interested in watching the action and not the still moments in the video. Always keep what is required in your movie and cut the unnecessary portion from the movie.  Cutting  portion from the movie is quite simple, whenever you import the movie its frames are displayed at the bottom in Windows Movie Maker. You can select a set of frames and can delete it just by simply pressing the delete button.

Add Music or Photos: To give more effect to your movie you can add photos to it in the beginning while creating the introduction or you can add some music to the background to kill the actual noise which gets stored while recording. This again is simple steps can be accomplished through the Insert menu of Windows Movie Maker. Windows has really made video editing a very simple task and all you need is familiarity with the software which will happen gradually as you work on it.

Add Transitions: Adding transitions while changing the scenes in the video gives a good and professional effect to the movies. There are number of transitions from which you can choose and enrich your movies. You would have worked on such transitions while working on any presentation in Microsoft’s Powerpoint. A similar kind of transitioning effect can be added to your movie.

Add Titles and names: You can create a casting or you can add details of the occasion in the beginning or the end of the movie. This helps people understand and comprehend well with what is shown in the movie.

There are many more features and tools provided in the Movie Maker and all you need is time and creativity to add life to your videos.