Microsoft’s PowerPoint is an application which gets installed when in install the Microsoft Office Suit. PowerPoint is used for creating very rich presentations which can be used for presenting any information on a projector or on a computer. Presentations created by PowerPoint can include text, images, objects, and other rich features to add more life to your presentation and make it sensible and presentable. We can add document snaps or spreadsheet snaps in PowerPoint but have you ever wondered or found a need to show a website in your presentation. Well this can be very much needed if you are giving presentation of your website or if you want to show the navigation of any website to the viewers. Microsoft’s PowerPoint does not have this capability to show a web page in the presentations and you would need some additional plugin for doing the same. With the help of this plugin you would be able to embed a real time webpage into your presentation and would just need a working internet connection on the computer for it to work. In the article below we have described how to install the required plugin and how to embed a real time web page in your PowerPoint presentation.

The plugin which is required for doing the same is called as LiveWeb and it can be easily searched and downloaded from the internet. Make sure that you are downloading the correct file for your edition of PowerPoint because there is a separate plugin available for each version of PowerPoint. Once you download the plugin close all the instances of PowerPoint and install the plugin. After the installation open PowerPoint application and you will find a new option in it. If you are on PowerPoint 2003 then you will find a new option “Web Page” in the Insert menu and if you are on PowerPoint 2007 then you will see a new object added to the Insert ribbon. This new object in 2007 is named as LiveWeb. Once you have successfully installed the plugin you are ready to use it but in case the plugin doesn’t appear in the places mentioned above then check for the macro security settings of PowerPoint. Reduce the security by one level and check if the plugin appears.

To insert a Web Page in a PowerPoint 2003 presentation, click on Insert menu and then click on Web Pages option. When you will click on this you will get a box titled “LiveWeb Wizard” and it will ask you to enter the URL of the webpage which you want to embed. Type the URL and click on ADD and then Next to finish the wizard. Once you are done you will see the website control added in to your presentation and you can resize or reposition it very easily. Inserting a webpage in PowerPoint 2007 is done in similar fashion and you just have to invoke the Wizard by clicking on the Web Page option in the Insert Ribbon. The LiveWeb object adds the website in your presentation and it works same like a web browser which displays the web site in real time and refreshes its contents if the actual page has got changed or updated.