ActiveX is a tool to extend the application of Internet Explorer. It was developed by Microsoft and is one of the most popular add-ons delivered by ActiveX. Some of the popularly known applications that have been developed via ActiveX include: Adobe flash player and Sun JAVA browser plug ins. There are some web pages available which use ActiveX control to display animations, play various games , and  to verify the integrity of windows installation. Over the years ActiveX has given more access to websites in terms of development innovations than it has been allowed before.

To install and use most of the ActiveX controls you need to be system administrator i.e. you have to login as a system administrator. To enable other users to use this service you can use the ActiveX installer service.

To install this application on your system you just need to follow these steps:

First your operating system should have one browser like Internet Explorer. If you have Internet Explorer 6 then follow these steps:

First step is to launch Internet Explorer and open the “tool” menu and select “Internet option”.Select the “security “tab and go to ”Internet content” and enable it and just select “custom level”. after doing all these now you enable ”run ActiveX” and again enable “script ActiveX marked safe”. now you finished all the operation to enable ActiveX save the changes and quit. now to see the magic of ActiveX reopen the internet explorer.

Windows Vista provides you Internet explorer 7 or 8 and it is very simple to enable ActiveX on the latest version of this browser. In order to configure ActiveX changes in Windows Vista, follow these instructions:

Open Internet Explorer, now open the “tools” menu and select “manage add-ons”. Now you have to locate ActiveX and select it and press enable.and select “OK”. now quit and reopen the browser.

You can also manage all your add-ons. To perform this work all you have to do is to select “manage add-ons” in the tools menu. next step is to select “enable or disable add-ons” when you select this you will get “manage add-ons” prompt or dialog box. The dialog box will display all the installed ActiveX components grouped by type or status. in that dialog box you are able to see all ActiveX control using the scrollbar. the ActiveX filenames are very useful to know.

You can choose any of the control and enable or disable it as per your wish or can also perform other activities like deletion of all ActiveX control. Just click on “all downloaded ActiveX controls” and make sure that no control is currently running in your browser before popping out all controls.

If you want to know where all these ActiveX controls are found in your system then click “downloaded programs files” directory in your window directory and you will able to watch all your installed ActiveX controls.