Smartphone is a new age gadget with lots of useful features and functions. Earlier this gadget was related to corporate and professional world where they had to use the various functions like net meeting, mail and other functions but in recent times Smartphone has reached the masses.  Microsoft has entered into the Smartphone market with Windows mobile and they re-branded the venture with Windows mobile 7.

Microsoft released this version on February 2010 and the manufacturing stated on September 2010. The final Software Development kit was launched in same year.

Windows Phone 7 comes with all new features and functionality like Home screen or ‘Start screen’ and ‘Tiles’ feature. Users are allowed to add, arrange and delete tiles.

All these new features have made Windows Mobile 7 a desirable phone; however no one would want to compromise on the basic Smartphone features like conference call. Conference call is a basic feature for any mobile phone where you can use the phone to talk to more than one person at a time however, the number of people during an ongoing call depends on the mobile operator.

Here are some of the basic steps to enable and use conference calls in Windows Mobile 7:


First step is to select the ‘Phone’ option from the ‘Home button’ or ‘Start button’


Now you need to call someone by pressing the keypad and then and entering the desired phone number.

You can also search the contact by looking into People option and dialing the number for the selected contact.


During the ongoing call, you need to press the Down arrow key and then select the option ‘Add call’ which will allow you to add more people to conversation and will allow you to call someone else while the current call is still active.


Once you are connected to both people or both calls are active, you would need to select the Merge calls option. This will bring the Conference option up in the top. Select the Conference option to join both calls and all three of you will be able to communicate simultaneously.


You can repeat the same steps 4-5 times to add more people to the conference. However the limit of the people per conference is decided by the mobile operator.


At the end, you can simply select the End call options to finish the conversation. There is no need to end each conversation, a simple click on the end call will finish the entire conversation and remove all the people from the conversation.

Conference call is a very useful function to share the information with multiple recipients at the same time. The function can be used to share important business information or to talk to a group of friend at the same time.