There are a lot of times when you would want to listen to your own music or watch your videos that you have saved as a compilation in your Windows Media Player library. There are instances when you are not at your desktop and still want to enjoy the stuff at some other computer. In such a scenario you may feel stuck. But with the new feature known as streaming, you can have this problem solved. The Windows 7 comes with the Media Player that enables media streaming with great perfection. You can watch a video with the help of media streaming.

When you have setup the home network then you can begin with streaming on the media player.

  1. Open Windows Media Player simply by going to Start> All Programs> Windows Media Player.
  2. When the Media Player opens, switch to the ‘Library’ mode in case it is in ‘Now Playing’ mode by selecting the button on the top-right edge on the Media Player interface.
  3. Select the ‘Stream’ button to start the streaming of media at home.

To Set Streaming

Supposedly you have already enabled the streaming then this option would not be visible on the menu.

  1. When you open the Media Streaming Option page, the Password Prompt may be presented. Enter the details and then click the OK button
  2. There are advanced options with which you can simply adjust who views your streams and to what level and on what devices. Separate set of regulations can be set to monitor the streaming on different devices.
  3. You can also set the privacy options and make your streams secure.

In order to stream with great efficiency, you can simply store them in your well structured folders in the windows media libraries. Simply ‘Add’ files you want to stream then you can select the ‘Add’ button on the Windows Media player.

Suppose there is more than one computer at your home which has the Windows 7, then with the help of the Windows Media Player you can play your videos on the web with the help of the streaming feature.

You need to have the support for the media receiver device which you are using to play the streamed video. The performance of the videos and media files being played will largely depend on the device which you are using. The network should be set with effectiveness. In case you have setup wireless network then it should be strong signal network. And then you can enjoy videos and music on your other devices with Windows Media Streaming.

With the help of the new feature you can enjoy videos but there are several pre-requisites which you need. There is hardware equipments required; the first is a setup for a wireless or a wired network in the home with which you can connect your home devices to your computer. These are called as Digital Media receivers which can get the media signals in order to support streaming. With this you can watch the videos residing on your computer on any other device or another home PC.