You may want to change the Operating System of your computer and install Windows Vista, or you may want to install on a new computer. In the first situation, it is necessary to save the stored programs, flies and other documents whether downloaded or stored images or videos or anything else. The idea is to save whatever is stored in the computer while you are going for a fresh installation of Windows Vista.

Know your Windows Vista before installation

Windows Vista comes in  two versions namely 32 bit and 64 bit. It is the difference created for compatibility of the CPU in regard to the capacity of handling large amount of data input by the RAM. Obviously, 64 bits accounts for double the strength of RAM than that of 32 bits. Keeping the compatibility factor in the picture, Windows Vista comes in both the versions of 32 bit and 64 bit. As such, you need to get the appropriate version to ensure compatibility.

Installing Windows Vista on a new computer

Whichever version of Windows Vista you are installing on a new computer, insert the DVD disk in the drive. Open the drive and run the program. The computer will first start booting from the DVD; to let the computer start on it, press any key. In the next step, it will ask for the keyword or password, for which you will find necessary guidance inside the DVD pack. Feed the password and continue following the installation prompts until the prompt ‘finish’ shows up. Click on ‘finish’ and your computer is ready with Windows Vista Operating System.

Installing Windows Vista with the upgrade DVD

The situation indicates that your computer is already on XP Operating System. To save all your existing programs and files, copy everything on some external storage device to ensure security from any loss of data.

After you insert the Window Vista DVD and run it, the page of installation will open up to begin the process of installation in the following manner:

  • You will get the prompt whether to ‘install now’; click on it that feeds the command ‘yes’.
  • Then it is a simple process of following the successive installation prompts displayed on the page until it comes to the finish stage.

Caution: since the process of upgradations is a continuously ongoing process, there is generally a need to upgrade your Windows Vista OS to the latest enrichment or incorporation of up to date enhanced features. That is why, it is better to be online during the installation and get loaded with updated features right at the time of installation.

After completion of the installation, it is always better to restart the computer.  When you install the Windows Vista whilst off line, your Windows Vista OS is not fully updated. When you are online afterwards, Windows downloads the upgraded features and stores in memory for automated upgradations when you are not using the computer. That is the reason; you see the message not to shut down the computer after you finish working.