I do not know about you but I sometimes find the auto run feature really annoying. There are those moments where I have put in a CD for other purposes other than playing it and the computer start playing it and I have to go through the process of stopping it. What scares me even more is that my computer might get affected by malware in the disks. I came to learn that this process happened because of a feature known as auto play that automatically starts any CD or DVD once it has been inserted. Problem is that I did not know how to control this feature and I am certain that many of you face similar problems and would love to know how to disable and enable the feature. I came to learn of steps that one can follow to learn how to control this feature.

How to do it?

Open the drive.This is so as to get rid of any CD or DVD that can be found in the drive. Having a disk inside the drive will hinder the process as it will automatically start the auto play feature that we are trying to control. Now, open the search box. This is so as to search auto play and open its window. After you have opened the window you should then double click on the icon on the left pane.In the event of the appearance of the auto play utility, it will present you with the option to alter the action that the operating system will perform on the programs and the type of media that one can use. An example would be that if you do not want the operating system to play certain software all you have to do is to change the default to take no action. You will then be able to witness that the next time that you place a CD or DVD that contains auto play; vista will automatically ignore the auto play. Thus one will have to start the software by clicking on the icon of the DVD or CD. The icon is found in my computer.

Why should I consider doing so?

The main advantage of disabling auto play is that it will guard you computer from being attacked by malware that may be contained in the disk. It increases the security of one’s computer. This is because disabling the auto play will give you the chance to scan the disk with any antivirus program that you have.

To be able to control the media files that the auto play feature opens all one needs to do is to make the necessary changes to the list of media files listed on the auto play utility. You then put a list of the media files that apply to your computer.

Thanks to the above steps I now have control of what my computer should open. I can protect my computer from being infected by malware. Now there should be nothing stopping you from disabling the auto play feature if all it does is to give you headaches.