Password protection for folder is basically a software driven program. For folders of your choice it allows you to set a password. The following systems are supported by it. These are Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP home and professional, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The User is able to download the Password Protect software program. Folder Password Protect can protect your sensitive data very easily. It’s a trial version but you can buy the full version with a money back guarantee and evaluate it risk free for a year.

Protect your files with Password Protect Folder

Double click the folder- protect.exe file when the download is completed and follows step by step instruction. You should first close all files and folders if open, to Password Protect Folder in Vista. If you’re setting Password Protection to an executable file (.exe) or a folder that also contains an executable file (also called a program). Press Ctrl + Alt + delete to view all programs running if you are unsure of an executable file status. The folders and files which you are wishing to protect locate it but don’t click to open the file or folder. In your Vista Start Menu by using the “Computer” tool you can find files and folders.

To access the option to password protect folder in Vista, right click on files or folders icon. From the resulting Pop-up menu select “Properties” at the bottom. Click the “Security” tab on the top right of the Pop-up window from the pop-up properties menu. User can visualize two text boxes in the security menu. In the top box of the computer one can see various user as well as user groups. The user group which is supposed to be denied of access is to be selected and thereby one has to select the edit button between the desired two boxes. By doing so you can grant or deny access to the selected application/ program. This process is to be repeated for each user or user group to grant or deny access. After making the necessary decision between grant or deny press the Apply tab for each user or group. After completing the process press OK thereafter pressing Next click OK on the security window to approve /record the changes. Now access to Vista account is possible by user through password.

If you want to make sure that you are actually locked internet explorer, try to open the program. At first sign out from your user account and then sign in as the user you have locked out of file or folde.If the file or folder is unable to locate by you, as the prohibited user. That means in Vista you did the Password Protect Folder.

On your pc you don’t have to create separate user account with Folder Password Protect. The NTFS file system is also don’t have to use. You can set password to use the program on the folder of your choice.