If you are installing any software or changing any settings during the process to stop the User Account Control (UAC) popups, then you should disable the User Account Control and then log on as Administrator in Windows Vista. Logging as an Administrator is generally not advised because it can create problems afterwards but a user can enable it at his/her own risk.

Steps to enable the Administrator account in Windows Vista:

In order to enable the administrator account in Windows Vista, you should go on the menu “Start” and write cmd in the search box. After that, press Ctrl+Shift+Enter or you can do it in other way also by going to Start, then Programs, then Accessories. When you will right click on the accessories, just right click the Command Prompt and then select “Run as Administrator”.

After this, type net user administrator /active:yes in the command prompt followed by an enter. After this you can restart the system and can log in as an administrator.

Procedure to access as an Administrator in Windows Vista:

First of all, you should turn your computer on. The windows start up process will follow the operation. The computer will automatically start the main user account, which is generally the administrator account but if there are more than one users of the computer, in that case, it will display the account login screen.

After this, click on the Administrator account from the list of all the accounts that appear on the screen by mouse. Now in order to log on, type the password in the password box. After entering the password, click on the “OK” button or “Log On” button. This will depend upon the version which you are using of Windows Vista or in case any Graphical User Interface changes have been made by the user.

After this, click on “Start” and you will succeed to log on as an Administrator and when you will click “Log Off”, you will again come back to the old login screen with multiple user options.

Warnings to be noted:

Some points must be kept in mind while logging on as an administrator. First and foremost, at the time of installation of Windows Vista, the account which is created is an administrator account only and if there is no other account in use, you should not log on.

Secondly, if it is very necessary to log on as an administrator, then only do that such as for installing and uninstalling of software or if no other user account has been created as there is a risk of errors on your computer.

Thirdly, you should remember the password of administrator account   in case you have the multiple accounts otherwise you again have to reset your account.

Lastly, the access should not be given to lots of people using the system as there may be the chances of data getting manipulated.