A Browser is an application which helps you navigate through the Inernet. It is a medium to get information from any website. Internet Explorer has always been the widely used and famous browser as it is the default browser which comes built-in with Microsoft operating system. There has been other browsers launched in recent times like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari but none of them could get much popularity as Google Chrome is getting not and the major reason is that it is platform independent.

Chrome is compatible with most of the operating systems available in the market, which makes it accessible even for the user not using Microsoft operating system.

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers amongst the top ones. One can easily get access to multiple websites and blogs with help of Google chrome. Its best quality is the usage of tabs where in on the same page, you can visit numerous websites by simply clicking on the tab of the desired one. Google chrome is not only user friendly but also very much delved in to design and style. It has an option where in you can go for enabling and applying new themes to the Google Chrome browser.

The Google chromes themes gallery has options like classics, baseball, brushed, candy, colour chips, cork board, desktop and dots.

How can you enable themes on Google Chrome? Let us find out.

Step one

To enable themes on Google Chrome, you need to subscribe firstly to “Google Chrome Dev Channel”. You will be required to do so because to activate themes on the Google chrome you need to subscribe first.

Step two

Find the “Google Chrome” icon and right click on it. From the drop-down menu choose the “options” tab.  Then a dialogue box will be prompted containing the Google chrome’s theme related option.

Step three

In the windows prompted, skim through to find out the tab or option of “Google themes” and click on it. This option you can find at the bottom of the options window of Google Chrome.

Step four

You will be then taken to “Google Chrome Themes Gallery” link, from where you can choose the theme you long for. Download them and then your Google chrome will automatically enable the theme on your browser. The downloaded file has an extension of (*.crx), don’t worry for the latter, as the Google chrome will look after and get the theme enabled for you.

Such features make Google Chrome the most desirable browser. The key futures of Google Chrome are the compatibility with various Operating system, customization and taking low resources on the system. Google Chrome is easy to use and easy to manage and it gives you the personalization function by setting your own theme and browser schema.