When you are playing music in the Windows media player then even though you are not watching the videos you may not like to see the blank screen. Would you? So for this, the interface provides an option in which you can see awesome and beautiful shapes in vivid color splashing on the Windows Media player window when you are on the ‘Now Playing’ mode. All you need to do is set the visualizations and then the screen would come alive with vibrant patterns of shapes and lines that move along as the music gets high and low. It seems that they are like waves of sea dancing with the music. The Windows OS comes with a variety of visualizations that are inbuilt in the interface. There are a number of themes present which can be selected as per the liking. You may simply enjoy the ambience theme or something else.

When you play the music on the Windows 7 media player in the normal mode then a lot of themes are present however in the Full Screen mode some do not play. This may be a real hitch for some people who would want to enjoy their favorite theme of visualization in Full Screen Mode.

There are a lot of visualizations present; however in case you want some more then you can download from the internet with great ease.

Setting Visualizations

Follow the steps below to get the most amazing experience as you play music in the ‘Now Playing’ mode with visualizations.

1.      Open the Windows Media Player by navigating through the Start button> All Programs> Windows Media Player.

2.      You may be required to switch to the ‘Now Playing’ mode in case you are on the Library mode. Simply select the button on the top-right corner of the interface window to toggle between the two modes.

3.      Then start with the song.

4.      When the song starts playing then right click on the large open blank space on the window and the select the Visualizations.

5.      Select the Visualization of your choice and then streams of colored shapes start playing.

In case you want to see the visualizations in the full screen mode then press the ‘Alt’ key along with the ‘Enter’ key. You can also do this by double clicking the ‘Video and Visualizations’ pane on the Windows Media Player window in the ‘Now Playing’ mode.

Downloading Additional Visualizations

If you are in desire of some additional visualization then you can download some from the internet. For this you must have internet connection up and running.

  1. If you are connected to the internet then simply open the Windows Media Player in the ‘Now Playing’ mode by the steps explained earlier.
  2. Now right click the space on the window where the videos and visualizations are played.
  3. From the right Pop up menu, select Visualizations and then select Download.
  4. You would then be redirected to the Visualizations web page.
  5. On the page go as per the specified instructions and then download your preferred visualization.

So in this way you can enjoy visualizations along with music in Windows media player.