As the name speaks itself, it is quite obvious that the much talked God mode in Windows 7 would have something which is not present in the operating system normally. The God mode is a tweak in Windows 7 operating system which adds certain features to Windows Vista for ease of access. Before we under God Mode we should know what a shell folder is in Windows operating systems.

Shell folders are some special folders used in Windows operating systems for locating the default path for many types of settings and data. Some example of shell folders are Cookies IE Folder, CD Burning folder used for saving temp files by windows, control panel etc. Even My Documents and My pictures folder are also examples for shell folders in Windows operating systems

When we talk about God mode in Windows 7 it is to enable a shell folder which contains all the control panel commands in one single window. It is to create a folder which on opening displays all the possible commands which can be performed by various tool/options in the control panel. Example: Change desktop backgrounds, change screen saver, run disk defragmenter etc.

To enable the God Mode in Windows 7 right click on the desktop and select New Folder. Once you get a new folder on the desktop rename it as “Godemode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”. Just make sure that you type everything between the double quotes but not the quotes. As soon as you will press enter after typing the string given above you will see that the icon of your newly created folder will change to that of the control panel and on opening it you will find all the possible commands of control panel listed in one single page. This is really helpful for advanced users who do not require specific categorization of commands and can use the commands directly as per the need.

I tried doing the same in my Windows Vista 32 Bit and got similar results, but many developers have reported that this does not work with Windows Vista 64 but and makes it to crash.

God Mode in Windows 7 is nothing but a tweak which was kept hidden by Windows 7 developers and it got highlighted by bloggers and now the news has spread everywhere. This news got air because of the term “God Mode” which makes people speculate a lot about it. As according to the name it is suppose to be something unreal or something way advanced, but in reality it is just a tweak done by developers for displaying all the control panel commands in one single window. You must have heard about the tweaking utilities of Windows XP which used to change the appearance of XP way beyond the scope of operating system itself. the God Mode in Windows 7 is a similar kind of tweaking methodology of Windows 7. Some people have reported that there are more than one God Modes in Windows 7 but nothing has been quoted by Microsoft on this.