System crashes are quite unpredictable and you never know that when are you going to lose all your data so it is always suggested that you take a backup of your data periodically just to make sure that you have every essential information with you even when you have lost your system’s operating system. It is always a healthy habit to take a backup of your essential information periodically.

Windows Vista- Backup

Windows Vista comes with an extraordinary default feature that can be an excellent tool for all the users out there. The utility allows you to take a backup of all the files and folders on your system and restore them when required. In addition to that, you can even take a backup of the image of your complete operating system and restore it in case your system undergoes a serious crash.

The application can be traced down through the search box in the start menu. Click on the Start Menu and write backup. This will display Backup and Restore Center. You can press ENTER to start the application.

Backup and Restore files

To take a backup of your files, you need to setup backup at the first place. The Setup Backup button is going to help you through this. Follow the simple instructions in the wizard to take a backup of all your files. Select the files and folders that you want to take the backup of and the location where you wish to save the backup. The best place to store this backup is an external storage device.

The restoration of files is another of the wizard based processes that is easy to handle. You need to go back to the Backup and Restore Center and this time, opt for restore files and folders. Locate the backup file that you might have stored elsewhere and then the location where you want the backup to be unpacked. Following the simple instructions, you can easily get your data restored on the desired location.

Backup Windows Vista

The left pane of the Backup and Restore Center gives you two links. One it to create a system image and the other is to create a system repair disc. These are two features that have brought quality enhancement to the operating system and the functionality that it provides. You have the option to create an image of the complete operating system for easy recovery in the future in case your system crashes. You can use the system image to restore you computer to the state where the image was taken.

You even get a change to create a System Repair Disc from the Backup and Restore Center that helps to repair your system in the booting process in case your system is not starting into the GUI mode and displays some error. You can create a repair disc to make sure that you have the option to recover or repair your system in case the system crashes due to any reason.