If you have ever wondered how to fully encrypt your disk, wonder no more as windows 7 comes with Microsoft’s BitLocker that is a powerful tool for encryption.  Encryption is meant to help protect your data and information by boosting your PC’s security and safety from potential threats. Whereas the previous windows editions could allow you to encrypt the drive with your operating system and a number of drives, windows 7 takes it a notch higher and allows you to encrypt even portable items like thumb drives and others such as external hard drives.
To encrypt your data for utmost security, here are the instructions:


Begin by plugging in your thumb drive on your computer via the available USB ports for which your PC has a good number. After this, click on the “Start” tab and once here find the search bar that is openly visible, enter the words “BitLocker” in the provided field of the search and hit search. Now click on “BitLocker Drive Encryption” and search results will reveal a list of all the possible drives that you can protect through encryption. Remember if you are going to encrypt an external drive it has to be inserted in your PC.

Start BitLocker

Once here, simply click on the “Turn on BitLocker” option for your thumb drive that you will find under the tab “BitLocker To Go.” Ensure the thumb drive is firmly secured into your computer to avoid returning errors. You can now begin with password protection by creating a password for your thumb drive and don’t forget it as you will use it to open your thumb drive on other computers. Once you have created the password for the thumb drive, you need to back up your recovery key, which you will simply do by saving the file in the computer.

Better yet, you can decide to print the file and keep it with you. Whatever you do, ensure your recovery key is securely kept and can be easily availed in emergencies such a drive crash. If you are saving the file to the computer, simply click on “Save the recovery key to a file” and assign a file to save it.

Encryption Process

You now have saved the recovery key and its time to begin the encryption process. Just click on the tab “Start Encrypting” to commence the encrypting process of your thumb drive. You should be able to complete the encryption process of your thumb drive in a short while; however the process might take long if your thumb drive is big in size. But be patient, the progress bar will keep you company as it tells how far the process has gone and the moment it hits 100%, you have just successfully encrypted your thumb drive and can begin using it.

Encrypting your drives is very crucial in sustaining the integrity of your drive’s data or information. It is an easy of increasing your PC’s security and the security of your data wherever it is stored should it by any means come into the wrong hands.