How many times have you been interrupted amidst an important work that you were doing on your computer due to some hang up with one of the programs that were running at that time.

The reason behind this is that one or more of the programs that had been running at the time are frozen now. There are a number of reasons why programs can freeze while working:

Memory space

Sometimes a program may eat into your RAM space while trying to function properly. When this happens, your computer cannot perform all the commands it is supposed to at the same time due to lack of RAM space. You must ensure that your computer has enough RAM space depending upon the kind of work you do on it.


If you internet is on then there is good chance that a spyware has attacked your computer and started messing with the running programs. In order to prevent this you must have a good anti-spyware or firewall protection on at all times, especially when the internet is working.

Other programs

Too many programs working at the same time can attack each others’ space and result in freezing up one or more of them together.


There may be some hardware failure which causes programs to hang. This may have little to do with the program itself and more to do with your computer’s hardware functions.

There are several ways to end a frozen program. The most important precaution taken at this time is to save any unsaved data while closing it down.

Close button

The easiest way to end a frozen program is to click on the “Close” button on the top right corner of the window marked by an “X”.

End now” option

Most of the time a frozen program does not shut down simply by receiving a “Close” command. In that case the header toolbar of the window should flash a “Not responding” sign, indicating that the program is not responding to your commands. A dialog box should appear at this time providing you with the option to “End now”. If you choose this option you should be able to shut the program down, only at the cost of losing any unsaved data on it.


This is a manual shut down process applicable to Windows XP. A Task Manager window pops up on pressing the 3 keys simultaneously showing the programs that are running at present. You can select and shut down any or all of them in case of a frozen situation. For Windows Vista users you can find the Task Manager option by right clicking on the task bar.

Process shut down

Sometimes killing the process through the process bar is the only way to save your computer from crashing in case a program freezes. The process bar shows how much memory each program is eating up. You may shut down the program that is freezing up or the one that is taking up maximum RAM space.

Log out

Logging out of your Windows account and logging in again can solve the problem of program freeze sometimes.

System shut down

If all else fails you have to shut down and restart your computer by pressing the “reset” button on the CPU.