Windows Vista lets you feel and work differently than ever before; it has revolutionized how we work and relate to a Windows operating System. Windows Vista lets your add gadgets that can simplify your work, help you personalise the desktop the way you would like it and at the same time save time and effort.

What is a sidebar and gadgets?

The long vertical bar that is displayed on the side of your Windows Vista desktop is the new Sidebar. Gadgets are mini programs, like clock, calendar, things to do; its main purpose to let the user get a quick glace, while working on other programs or applications. Gadgets let you display or run a slide show of your favourite pictures or with news feed you can be constantly updated with the latest headlines. There are several gadgets and some are in-built by default on your Windows Vista, others can be easily downloaded from Microsoft website.

Opening your Sidebar

As I mentioned earlier the sidebar lets you see information and various tools easily made available for you. You can add the gadgets that will help you work more easily without letting you close or minimise programs or making you open unnecessary windows.  You can open the Windows Vista Sidebar from All Programs and Accessories and then select Windows Sidebar, this will let you see the Sidebar all the time; you can also uncheck the option the same way, if you no longer want the Sidebar to be displayed. You can also choose to set the Sidebar visible at all times over other windows and disappear while working on other programs; all this you can do with the Sidebar settings. To access the settings you need to access the Control Panel and choose Appearance and Personalization and then choose Windows Sidebar Properties; here you can manipulate with how you want the side bar to be appear either on top of all programs or vanish after a certain specified time.

Adding gadgets to the Sidebar

You need to ensure what gadgets are already available for you to add or remove on the sidebar. To find out what gadgets you have, on top of the Sidebar you have a plus sign next to Gadgets; click on the sign and scroll to see what gadgets you have. If you click on each gadget it will detail you with brief information on how it can be useful to you. Adding a gadget is simple, on the open menu for gadgets double click on the gadget you think is most useful and this will automatically add the gadget to your sidebar.

Gadgets are great help and helps your organise the time, check the weather, read news headlines, list all the contacts, let you write short reminder notes, run your favourite pictures as a slideshow while you are working on important things and pictures can calm you down; or even have a quick stress relief game like a picture puzzle. All these gadgets can be added or removed as and when you feel like.