Link exchange is considered to be one of the most effectual ways to divert good traffic to your website and also gain a reputable pagerank for your website. The process may seem to be a bit tedious but with guaranteed rewards.

When you get your website designed and hosted on the web, you have two basic criterions which you are looking forward to achieve. Firstly, you want good number of viewers visiting your website regularly and secondly, you want your visits to convert into successful sales. However, attracting viewers to your website is not as quite an easy task that people usually think it to be. In order to bring your new website to the top, you need to follow several search engine optimization strategies which will slowly help your website gain the desired attention it deserves. This is where link exchange helps us gain our goal effectively.

Linking your novice website with the other more successful websites on the web will help you gain a considerable traffic and also the pagerank you desire for your site. However, you need to be really careful while finding the related links foe your website. Below are a few points that you can follow to exchange links for your website with a list of other highly successful websites. Try abiding by these points for gaining better traffic and pagerank for your new website.

Build your website carefully

Before you start exchanging links with other websites, it is essential that you build your website smoothly and worth linking. If you don’t get your website designed properly, the owners of other websites may not want to exchange their links with your site. You should make sure that it is authentic and attractive. Hence, you should make sure that you design your website perfectly.

Search a list of other related websites

Search the Google or the other search engines for all websites that are related to your topic or niche. These search engines will offer you an entire list of websites that match your niche.

Link with the websites

Now that you have the entire list of websites, try linking with them. Check out their structure and working before you exchange mails with their owners. Also check their page rank and traffic before you make your decision.

Exchange a conversation with the other website owners

Once you have shortlisted the best websites, exchange mails with their owners, requesting them to exchange links with your website. Remember to add the URL of your website along with a small brief about it. Also remember to request them for their link which you want to add in your website and a similar description.

Incorporate their link into your website

Once the deal is made, include the URL of the other website in an appropriate page. Make sure that you don’t simply bury their URL amidst other hundreds of other links which will not be viewed by anyone except the search engines.

Take the help of link directories

You can also make use of the annotated link exchange directories.