Android is the name of one the leading operating systems which power many smart phones. Android has gained its popularity and acceptability immensely in past few years and this is because of its multitasking features and support for various applications. You do not need to close one application while working on the other. You can talk over Skype and at the same time you can work on your smart phone doing something else. Android phones are by default not so very in features and applications but as the number of installed applications increases gradually as you use this phone. Obviously if your phone supports it and if it is of your use then you will definitely install the application. Many applications are rich in graphics and also keep resident in the memory thus consuming the resources and the processing power of the phone. Not only the processing power but also good extent of battery is consumed by Android itself and other applications installed on it. Android phones are not very big in size and they are closely packed in one small and smart casing. Being such a feature rich phone there remains very little space for the battery and so the amount of battery which should have been there is missing from these phones. This is the biggest disappointment amongst the Android users as they have to charge the phone at quite short intervals as compared with other smart phones. Though we cannot increase the physical size of the battery installed in Android phones but we certainly can take steps to at least increase the battery life. Here in this post we will discuss some points to help you make your Android phone a less power consuming device.

First thing is download an application from the Android Marketplace. This application is just like the Task Manager in Windows and it displays you all the applications running in the background so that you can kill the ones which you do not want to stay resident. This application is called as Android Advanced Task Killer and is available for free.

By default the screen brightness comes at maximum and our eyes get adapted to such bright display. However we can go into the settings of display brightness and  dim it to level which your eyes can comfortably adjust to. This will not reduce the functionality of the phone but you will be surprised to notice the extra hours which will get added to the battery life.

We often use animated screen savers to appear when the phone is on idle. This should be avoided because these screen savers engages the processor and thus consumes the battery. Also make sure that the timeout for turning OFF the display is not more than 30 seconds. Why to keep the screen on when you already have kept the phone in your pocket after doing what you wanted with your phone.

Try not using the audible themes and lower or mute the key press sounds completely. What is the need of listening to the beep sound every time you press something when this beep can result in your phone switch OFF few minutes before of the regular time.

These were some simple tips to extend the battery life of your Android phones. Not only these but there could be many other ways to do the same. All you need to do is to reduce the processing being done by the processor, reduce the power consumed by Video, or Audio and finally the display brightness.