Fax is technology to send data electronically to somebody where it gets printed on a paper. Its just like photo copying a document and sending it to someone at remote location instantly. The Fax technology was taken a step forward by incorporating Fax in computers. Now you don’t even need the big Fax machine for faxing. All you need is a computer, a Fax sending application or utility, a phone line and a recipient. In this article we will tell you how to send a Fax from within Microsoft Office Access 2003. Access is database management software. It is used for keeping and intelligently storing data and tables so that it can be fetched quickly whenever required by any front end application. Access provides its own front end but widely serves as backend data storage for many applications. All the reporting, input and output of the data is done by the frontend of the application and data is stored, fetched and saved in Microsoft Access. You might need to send some data from Access to somebody via a Fax. Let us see how to send a Fax directly from Microsoft Access.

Open the Microsoft Access application and then open the tables you want o work on. Select the portion of data you want to send and then click on the File menu. In File menu click on the Print option. When the Print window appears you will see a list of available printer at the top. From this list select Fax Printer. This will initiate the Send Fax Wizard. It is being assumed that you already have configured Fax on machine with all of your locale specific settings. Now in the Send Fax Wizard enter the Fax number of the person to whom you want to send the Fax. Chose a template for the cover page of the fax and you can also add a subject line to it in this wizard. Further you can make choice to send the Fax instantly or at some later time. After making the selection click on Fax and the Fax will be sent at the time selected by you in the Wizard.

If you have not set up Fax then it can be done by going to the control panel and Fax and Scanner wizard. This wizard will let you to make a connection and it will ask you to enter the basic information regarding your location, area, and other dialling rules. You should have a phone line connected to the Dial up modem, and the modem should be properly installed. Both internal or external Modems can be used for sending receiving Fax from your computer. Though most of the computers coming these days do not have a dial up modem in them so might need to get one and install it on your computer. If you have a laptop then an external modem would be a good choice for you. While sending Fax please make sure that the modem is not being used by any other application or that you are not connected to the internet over a dial up connection.