For all of us with a printer at home, at some time or the other a situation comes when your printer is out of ink. While most of us opt for the easy but costly way out – getting a new ink cartridge – mentioned below are a few steps, following which you can refill your old and empty ink cartridge yourself. Not only will this be cheaper, it will also prove to be extremely easy once you know how to go about it. Given below is a step by step explanation of how to go about the task of refilling the cartridges.

Step 1: Protect the work area and get ready for the task

Just as it depicts in the heading, whenever you are handling ink or colors, always work towards protecting your work area first. Always cover the work area with newspaper or plastic, in case color or ink spills happen. You do not want your linen or floor stained by the ink at the end of the task. Once the area is covered, collect all the things required for the task such as syringes, ink bottles and empty cartridges that need refilling.

Step 2: Check your cartridges for color and capacity

Once all is in place, it is time next for you to check the capacity of your cartridge. You do not want to over fill the cartridge. Then check for the color requirements. Once you know where which color inks will go, fill the syringe with the color you want to fill first. You can do this procedure over a sink in order to ensure that cleaning up later is easy.

Step 3: Filling the ink

Now you would need to punch a small hole on top of the cartridge that will enable you to fill the ink chamber. Ensure that this hole is at the top near the label.  Once this is done, insert your syringe deep down into the sponge and push the ink into the chamber. However, do this entire process slowly; else you might risk an air bubble formation into the chamber. You can follow this same procedure for other colors as well. However, always ensure that you wash the syringe properly in lukewarm water to ensure that no remains of the previous ink stay. If cleaning is a problem, you can use different syringes for different colors.

Step 4: Ending the process

Once all the ink chambers are filled with the respective ink, it is time to end the process. Clean the excess ink that may be staining the outside of the cartridges. Next, you will be required to seal the holes you made for inserting ink because a few breather holes already exist on the cartridge. Let the cartridge stay for a few hours, before you actually insert it back into the position in the printer. This will help stabilize the internal pressure of the cartridge. Lastly, for perfect printing, execute a cleaning cycle several times before the printing actually leaves no gaps in between.

Following the above mentioned steps are not difficult. Though always remember to never let the cartridge go completely dry as it will enhance the chances of cartridge clogging.