Microsoft Office application is vastly used office application in the world due to its ease of use, useful features and regular updates. One of the most popular Microsoft Office applications is Excel. Microsoft Excel is a very powerful application which can be used to maintain and analyze data. It can also be termed as a spreadsheet application which is used for Microsoft operating systems and MAC OS X.

The first ever spreadsheet application was launched back in 1982 (by Microsoft) and it was names as Multiplan. It was only in 1993 when Excel became a trademark. Since then, there has been great improvement and addition in the spreadsheet application and the latest version was MS Excel 2010 is recently released.

Main features of MS excel includes data calculation, graphical representation, pivot tables and macro programming. Microsoft Excel can be linked with Visual Basic programming and you can create short programs in VB to link it with any of your MS Excel file to work as a Macro. There are so many other use of MS Excel which can help you analyze accuracy; generate report, maintain charts and graphs. Excel is used in all level of organization as a major reporting an analysis tool as it can be used and linked with other Microsoft Office applications like MS Word and it can also collect data from any external data source.

Excel can communicate with other Office applications like MS Access and MS Word and this can be done by simply creating a template ant putting in the required information.

One of the important functions in Microsoft Excel is Filter. It’s very easy to use tool which can filter the data in the sheet using 3 different criteria. It can filter data on the basis of list values by criteria and by format. You can also filters cells on basis of text or numerical values. This feature is very useful to save time which is used to manually sort or order data in a spreadsheet. AutoFilter option can be accessed under “Data” section and here are some of easy steps to filter data in MS Excel:


Open you MS Excel file in which you need to order the list. Now click on “Data” tab in the above ribbon.


You will need to select or highlight the range of cells which you want to filter. Once the data range is highlighted, search the option “Sort & Filter” in the above ribbon. Click on “Filter” on the spreadsheet.


The ribbon will display the available options for filtering the selected data or cells. You can choose any filtering option like by size, or color or    format of the data.


Select the appropriate filter option you need for the spreadsheet and the list will automatically be sorted and filtered.

Filter or AutoFilter option can be used in all Excel files which will make the task easier and more understandable.