The big number of social networking sites has offered people multiple alternatives to find ways to communicate with people situated in completely different locations around the world. Chat rooms for purposes such as friendship, dating, gaming etc are present on most networks. Where there are many choices, there can also be much confusion! You could find yourself in a situation where you have joined a chat room but have no idea about the topics being discussed there.

Which are the communities that are really capture your interest and provide you the opportunity to express your opinions? This is a question that remains to be answered. However, you can always try to find a chat room on WebTV.

Open the door first

Go to the WebTV website and see the home screen. You will find here, the latest episodes of the most popular web series. As WebTV is a growing site for digital entertainment, its influence on more and more people is constantly on the rise. You have the option of visiting MySpace, Hulu, YouTube, or among others.

You will be required to fill up some information in the registration form. This includes items like first and last name, member name of your choice, e-mail address and password. Next you have to type in a code that is displayed on the form. All these are necessary for distinct identities in the virtual community. When you finish the registration process, you are a member and are granted full access to any chat room you want.

Loves me, loves me not

The moment has come to choose a room! On clicking the community button, you will find a number of chat rooms. The usual City Java interface will display your chat participation. You can opt to customize your profile by simply adding pictures or inputting your blogs. Also make your status available if you want other people to know that you are online and eager have a conversation. To be sure that you know the way inside joined rooms; you have to use a set of commands to help your orientation. Here are the commands you can use, in alphabetical order:

  • /act – equivalent to /me, shows actions
  • /ignore nickname – prevents showing messages of a certain member
  • /part – allows disconnection from the server
  • / privmsg nickname – allows sending of a separate pop up window so that a private discussion with another member becomes possible
  • /quit – is used for leaving the chat room
  • /topic – allows the displaying of the topic being discussed in the room
  • /whisper nickname – allows sending a private message inline using the chat screen

Hot topics

You can find out what are the most used topics on the website and you can also join these online discussions. Just click Hot Topics and you are in! Be sure to act in a civilized way. Present yourself properly and you will surely make friends. Otherwise, you could find yourself banned by the owner of the room. Unwarranted comments could also face the same result. If you do not like the topic, you can leave the room and find another one to match your interests.

Connecting with other people by finding a chat room in WebTV can be a great experience! Just make sure to choose what is suitable for you.