Many Software Applications provides with Password access facility to use them and view their content. Microsoft-Excel is also a such application as it is an industry-standard creation and management software. This provides for better security both at home and workplace. One common problem with these passwords is that we sometimes forget them or when we have many passwords for different application we get confused in between them. Here are some simple methods mentioned to find your XLS password:

With Free Word/Excel Password Recovery Software

Step 1: You are required to download Free Word/Excel Password Recovery Software. For this locate your download archive file which will be present in your web-browser’s default download directory. Now you have to right-click it and choose “Extract Here” and then double-click “FreeWordExcelPasswordWizard.msi” to begin setup.

Step 2: After this you click “Start,” from there choose “All Programs” and then click the Applications. Here you click on the recovery wizard to open it. In the recovery wizard click “Next” button and then click the folder icon next to the file path. Here you have to locate the XLS document for which you want to recover the password, by selecting it and then clicking on “Open” button.

Step 3: after this click “Next” button two more times and then click “Recover” to begin the recovery process you needed. You have to wait for Free Word/Excel Password Recovery Software to attempt password recovery. After successful recovery it will show up the lost password and you close this window.

Online XLS Password Recovery With Decryptum

Step 1: First open your preferred Web browser. Here you go to the Decryptum Web site. On the site page click “Start Decryption,” and read through the service agreement. After reading it, click on “I Agree.”

Step 2: Now you will be asked to enter the PIN to confirm you as a human being. After this click the “Next” button and then click “Choose File” for which you want to recover the password. Now locate and select your file and then click “Choose” button to load it into the browser. After this, click on “Next.”

Step 3: Now the decrypting process starts and you have to wait for Decryptum to decrypt your password. On its successful completion it will return a password-free document that you can download and access.

Recovering XLS Passwords With Password Recovery Engine for Excel (XLPRE) (Shareware)

Step 1: For this process you should download and install Password Recovery Engine for Excel (XLPRE). In this Engine, click on “Start,” from there choose “All Programs.” Here go to Applications to open the recovery wizard.

Step 2: In the Wizard click on  “Open File” button and then you locate and select your XLS document. After this you click on “Open” button to load it on the Engine.

Step 3: Now you click “Next” button and then wait for the software to recover your Excel document. As it successfully completes the procedure it will display the password with the statistics about the password-cracking speed.

These simple methods help you to recover your lost or forgotten password for important Excel documents.