The time is upon us once again and the greatest sporting spectacle in the world is back. After the electrifying World Cup Kick Off event in Johannesburg, attended by luminaries and global star, The FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa officially commenced the following day on June 11 with a match between the host country and Mexico in Soccer City, Johannesburg. It will draw to a close exactly one month later on July 11 at the same place. With cumulative television viewership of the previous edition in Germany reaching 26.29 billion (almost five times more than the 2008 Beijing Olympics), you need to keep your fingers on the pulse of the action.

While some stay seated on their couch over the whole duration of the tournament (with quick lavatory breaks occasionally), the majority of viewers keep track of the tournament through the more traditional medium of newspaper and online new sites. However, for Android users, what better way to keep track of the World Cup and stay ahead of the pack? Subscribe to an app.

We take a look here at the five best-selling World Cup Android apps that will hopefully help you decide on the one to get.

1. Soccer World Cup 2010 – WM2010

Created by fledgling developer, Wekiss mobiles, the WM2010 is their first ever apps. With its simple and user-friendly interface, it features a complete rundown of all the teams in the competition, match venues and schedules of the World Cup. It also provides live score updates. It is a surprising popular app considering the availability of similarly designed apps, marketed by larger and more experienced developers. It must have something to do with the orange backdrop.

2. World Cup 2010 – FotMob

An old hand at the game with their wildly successful FotMob Pro (a regular season football app, covering major European football leagues), ScoreService has produced another winner. Features include the standard team sheets, match schedules and game venues. ScoreService went one better and included the app with Live Match Commentaries on selected matches.

3. scStats Pro

A veteran multisport app, the app provides detailed statistical data on major sports including baseball, ice hockey, American Football and… soccer. Subscribers can heavily customize their choice of updates according to type of sports, sporting events and even individual players. This Niagara Software developed app has an excellent online support site to assist subscribers.

4. Soccer Score Centre

Developed by Pants Software, the Soccer Score Centre provides extensive features apart from the traditional team statistics, match schedules and results. Subscribers also enjoy Goal Alerts, Match Commentary, Team news and match odds. A very comprehensive World Cup resource.

5. World Cup 2010

Operating on a multi-language platform, the World Cup 2010 provides the customary team statistics, match schedules and scores plus the addition of two additional features. Subscribers can perform screen rotation and manual updates in place of the hourly auto updates. Available in English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese