Most of today’s sources of leisure and entertainment are found over television and Internet. We can find every interesting visual show on TV genres from comedy to action, from drama to fantasy.

The Internet, however, offers a wider source of entertainment from social network sites to live video streaming, from blog sites to photo storage sites. We can’t run out of anything to do with Internet and TV. We practically appreciate anything that feeds our sense of sight from TV and the World Wide Web.

But, we all know there was, once, another form of leisure back in the days when television images were only available in black and white and Internet was not around yet to be invented. It didn’t even serve as a medium of entertainment but as a mean of communication. Yes, we are talking about the soon to be extinct radio. We all know radio was more popular than television in especially in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s eras. The 50’s era was the time when radio came to flourish around the world. It was also the time considered as the Golden Age of Radio when classic radio shows were popular, with varieties available from:

  • Comedy
  • Drama,
  • Action,
  • Romance,
  • Horror, m
  • Musical, and
  • Adventure

Is there someone who still listens and broadcasts classic radio shows today? You bet none. But surprisingly, there are still few places in Britain, Ireland, and Canada who still plays classic radio shows. There are quite few people who listen to them too but it’s obviously hard to access these rare radio stations.

That’s when the importance of Internet comes in. Who would have thought that radio can be accessed in the Internet? We thought radio was limited only to those tiny devices for broadcasting. But, today, radio stations can directly stream their shows in the Internet. Not only that it streams popular songs of today, it also broadcast classic radio shows that are extremely hard to find.

So how do we find our favorite popular classic radio shows like Amos and Andy, Sherlock Holmes, Mercury Theater on Air, CSB Radio Mystery Theater, and Gunsmoke?

  1. One of the most convenient ways is to use search engines like Google or Yahoo. They can provide several websites which offer streaming of classic radio shows. It’s important to encode the most related and specific keywords to get accurate results from the search engines. We can type keywords like ‘free online classic radio show’ or ‘online old time radio show’ to get a list of websites. These websites are not hard to find especially with the use of search engines. But there are other ways to find good websites to enjoy classic radio shows.
  2. We can visit forums found from different websites related to radio streaming and broadcasting such as in and We can find people with the same interest and share different websites to try like.
  3. There are also other websites that offer to put a radio bar on our internet browsers such as in Mozilla Firefox. It allows us to put a mini radio menu on the toolbar of the browser to easily enjoy our classic radio shows.
  4. Some of the websites give us the advantage of downloading the classic radio shows and burn them to our CDs so we would be able to listen to them anywhere, anytime.
  5. We have to consider other things as well to fully enjoy the privilege of free classic radio shows. We have to make sure that we have the fastest Internet connection to buffer the radio shows fast. Other websites require us to have a specific player such as Windows Media Player or QuickTime media player to be able to stream the shows.

So the next time we feel nostalgic and we reminisce the good old days of our favorite classic radio shows, we can always rely on the internet for that. So who says we can’t combine old and new school in one entertainment? We definitely can!