Sometimes it can seem like a nightmare trying to establish where the MS Outlook Files are saved even though it should be a simple task. You will realize it is one of the simplest procedures you have done recently. For instance, if you want to back up your Microsoft Outlook Files but cannot locate them, things can get a little bit frustrating for you. Therefore, with a little minute to spare, the process should be over in due time.

To Find the MS Outlook Files

To commence the procedure, simply move to your Outlook and open it and then once there, access the All Mail folders and right click on the folder that is on top of the rest. Alternatively, right click on the folder you want to locate and remember, you can have multiple folders opened as you do this. On the item or folder you want to locate, simply right click on it and from the drop menu that will be presented choose Properties and open the Properties pane. From the properties button, access the Advanced button tab and click on it. Now, if the top of the dialog box replies with Microsoft Exchange Server, then that means that the mail is saved in the server you are currently using and not on your PC. However, if there is an MS folder that is saved on your machine, the second dialog box from the list given, the tab called filename, will direct you to where the file saved on your PC is.

File Located!

As it is, you have already located the file you were looking for if it saved on the PC you are using. Like it is, it is a simple procedure that should take you utmost 5 minutes and then you can locate your files. But this will only work if your mails were stored on your computer and not on the server you are using. But you can as well change the location of storage of mails so that it is directly kept in your PC and can thus be easily accessed any time you want. Like the procedure suggests, having the e-mails stored in your machine is easier for locating the files than if you had them kept on the server. But it is as well easier to locate.

Change Mail Storage

To change the location of storage of your mails, simply Open Outlook and click on the File/New/Outlook Data file tab and choose the type of file you want. It is however recommended that you choose the default type of file as it works for most people. Once that is done, click OK to effect the changes. After that is done, select the location and the filename for the file you have settled on and you can save it anywhere you feel like.

Click OK when you are done and move to menu and choose tools/email accounts. Click next so you can save the default view, choose the account at the top, select new mail location and simply click on finish.