Google has been capturing the market in different domain with its innovative technology and aggressive marketing strategies. The company has been leading every sector from search engines, online media, and the recent ventures like SmartPhones.

Android is robust and powerful mobile operating system developed by Google. The operating system technology is completely based on Linux. Earlier, the technology was owned by android Inc but later Google acquired the Android Inc and took the Android OS Smartphone to first rank in U.S., followed by Blackberry and iOS. Google took over Android Inc on July 2005 and after then the Google Android Smartphone was launched, it is now the biggest competitor for Apple iPhone and by some recent market analysis, the Google Smartphone will bypass the popularity and sale of iPhone in very short time.

The key factor of Android OS and Smartphone’s popularity is it application programs. Android has a very large community of developer developing latest and innovative apps and there are already 70,000 applications available for Android Apps.

Google Android Smartphone comes with some in-built applications and support all other third party applications which you can subscribe.

One of best Apps available for this Smartphone is Prey App. It is a free application which can find your missing Android smartphone. It uses in-built GPS and GSM technology to locate the missing device. This application silently runs at the background and acts when the command is given. Pre application uses SMS services for the notification of missing device.

Here are some steps to use Prey application to find your missing Google Android smartphone:


Download the free Prey application from the link You will need the QR code to get the application. Locate and scan the QR code with your Android phone to obtain the app. Use the scanner app to get the accurate information and if you do not have one, you can simply search for ‘Prey’ and browse ‘Tools’ option menu under Applications in Android marketplace.


Now install the application on you mobile phone and link your account with the phone. Prey application allows you to get a free application for computer to manage the synchronization with mobile phone. You can link your Phone application with you computer Prey application. If you already have an account then you can get it done by just login into the software otherwise you will have to create a new account.


Configure the SMS message which will be used to activate or deactivate the Prey application. “GO PREY” is the default message which is used to activate the application “STOP PREY” message is used for deactivation.

You need to send to you missing mobile phone, using any other phone, To track down and enable the Prey application on your missing Google Android smartphone.  In return, you will get the reply message with current location of your missing phone.