You might be aware that the network key of your router in order to be able to connect a new computer to your home wireless network. It may be the case that for a long time you have not added a computer to your network or the network was set up so long ago that you cannot remember the network key any more. This is a very common problem faced by the wireless network user. Either you try to retrieve it by some method or if every other methods of retrieving the network key fail, try to create a new network key.

Let me give you some tips on how to get back your network key.To retrieve the forgotten network key, follow the steps given below which are applicable to Linksys router as well as to other brands:

Step 1: Go to the setup page of the router. For this use the computer which is directly wired to the router. To directly connect your computer to the router, you can use an Ethernet cable and connect it to the Ethernet port present on the back of the router. You may find the port labeled as 1,2,3,4. After you have connected your computer to the router, you can access the setup page of your router through your computer. Just open your browser on the computer and type ,the default user name and password of the router,(if you have not already change the IP address) in the address bar of the browser and either press Enter button on your keyboard or click on Go. You will be asked to enter the a username and its password. You type your password if you have configured one or simply type Admin. Setup page will be opened.

Step 2: Go to the Wireless Tab at the very top of the router Setup page. Just under the Wireless Tab you will find a Sub tab. Clicking on it will open Security Mode. If you have set your security mode is to WEP (64bit or 128 bit) four sets of keys will be available to you. To be sure as to which key you need, look for the Default Transmit (Tx) Key, If the default transmit key is set to 1, then you will have to use Network key 1 to connect to the wireless network. But if WPA (Personal/Pres-Shared Key/PSK) is your Security mode then you will have to use whatever key is present inside the WPA-shared key or Pass phrase / Personal Key box to connect to your wireless network.

Step 3: After the key is revealed on the screen, you can take a printout for future references. Now you can return to the original computer screen by closing the Linksys screen by clicking on the red present in the upper right hand corner of the computer window.
By following the steps given above you can be sure that you have the got the proper key to connect to your network.