Windows Vista a famous version of Windows OS, has certain required specifications for a computer to accommodate it as the operating system. Although not so spectacular, a decently configured PC is required to use Windows Vista as the operating system. If the PC is already running on a latest version of Windows XP, then the configurations are most probably suitable for Windows Vista too.

Use Upgrade Adviser

The best possible method to determine if a particular computer is ready for Windows Vista, is to download the upgrade adviser from Microsoft. Generally a not-so-old machine with a decent specification is fit to be installed with Windows Vista

Programs that are officially supported

Programs with both types of logos, ‘certified by Windows Vista’ and ‘Works with Windows Vista’ are officially supported by Microsoft’s Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners. However programs that have not got a logo, does not mean incompatible with Windows Vista, instead it could also mean that they are going through the process of obtaining the logo or perhaps they have not yet gone through the Windows Vista logo program.

Programs with ‘certified by Windows Vista’ logo

This means that the programs bearing the logo have gone through a rigorous testing program that ensures not only total compatibility with Windows Vista and later versions but also safety and reliability of the program. The programs are expected to meet the technical requirements in four core areas: reliability, security, compatibility with Windows Vista and Installation and removal. Programs endorsed with ‘certified by Windows Vista’ logo are naturally of high standards regardless of the fact that they are compatible with Windows Vista.

Programs with ‘Works with Windows Vista’ logo

Programs with ‘Works with Windows Vista’ logo means they meet the basic compatibility criteria to be working on Windows Vista. However they are not totally endorsed up to the standards of ‘certified by Windows Vista’ logo. The lists of programs designated with such logos can be found at the Microsoft web site.

Use older programs in vista

Earlier versions of Windows operating systems can be simulated within Windows Vista using Program Compatibility Wizard. This is useful for programs that may have problems running on Windows Vista. However most programs that work on Windows XP also works on Windows Vista, reducing the time and effort spent in seeking help and support for compatibility issues.

PC specification and program compatibility issues are not unique to Windows Vista, neither to any particular OS of Windows. Compatibility issues are very common when back to back contrasting operating systems from a single manufacturer hits the market. This by any means does not mean that Windows XP and Windows Vista are contrasting OS’s. But they are drastically different in various aspects.