Sometimes the need to have certain luxuries such as games that require specific kinds of graphics card may necessitate the need to know the type of graphics card you are using in your windows operating system. You may want to install a game, a new program such as a photo editing software, or any other. There are times when you have to know your graphics card so you can be able to get the cards that might fit certain programs you want to run. The fact is, graphics cards are by far some of the most common and developed PC parts and the need to find what your machine is using is crucial.

Finding out the kind of graphics card you are using is relatively easy. The procedure is as simple as ABC;


By now am guessing your machine is probably on, just follow the below steps;

  • Access the start menu from your PC
  • Under all programs you will find the Control Panel, click to open it in a new window
  • Once you have opened the Control panel in a new window, a number of options will be availed for you. Access the Appearance and Personalization tab and open it.
  • In the Appearance and Personalization window, now click on the Display Settings option; it should be relatively easy to locate as it in plain site.
  • Under Display Settings option, you need to now click on the Advanced settings tab from where you are going to get the required information partly as you advance your search.
  • So you have opened the Advanced settings successfully, all you need to do now is click on the Adapter tab for the required information. Opening the adapter will reveal all kinds of information about your graphics card. Most importantly however, you should be able to see what kind of graphics card you have installed in your PC and all its characteristics.

Record the Features For Later

It is perhaps vital to remind you at this point that you need to record the characteristics somewhere because you can not honestly you will get them off head. Write them down in some piece of paper or on your PC and keep them safe for later usage. The whole point here is to enable you judge which programs can run on your machine and which ones cannot. For instance if you want to install a game with high graphics, all you need to do is refer to your graphics card information to establish whether your PC can support the game or not. It is that simple but very important.

Because you have gotten the information you wanted, all you have to do is close the windows and you are good to go. This prepares you for any eventuality with regard to programs and their graphics levels that you can use on your PC.

The procedure is a simple one but it is crucial that you do it for its benefits are many. I did know my PC’s graphics and it has helped me a hell in terms of the programs I choose to use.