It’s human behavior to create a group or people with common interest and choices and in the new age of technology and Internet, social networking portals like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, and Twitter want to make their impact on the market.

All these companies are renewing their plans and trying to launch as many new features as they can to capture the market and increase their user base.

In the same process, Twitter, the ever-growing friendly micro-blogging web portal that has up till  now  added 20 billion Tweets, lately disclosed a new characteristic to record users reserved on its site; a new featured called Who To Follow. This feature  suggests members certain groups or users to follow, in terms of the common interest, hence it acts like a match maker.

Twitter has started introducing new features that should provide users an easier way to search for communities based on their interests. This feature is called “Suggestions for You”, which uses an algorithm-based formulation to conduct communications between users. It looks at individual factors and then determines which user on Twitter would be based suitable to match your interests.

“Today we’re beginning to roll out a simple, but powerful new feature to help address that — Suggestions for You.The algorithms in this feature, built by our user relevance team, suggest people you don’t currently follow that you may find interesting. The suggestions are based on several factors, including people you follow and the people they follow,” As declared by a Twitter official.

The suggestions will pretence up on the website and can be accessed in the Who to followdivision. There you’ll see the Suggestions for You tab which lists group picked by the Twitter rule. This feature would mean that not that galore users would love stumbled upon it.

But Twitter also lists suggestions when you visit added users’ login in the new Who to follow area. What’s many, when you survey someone Twitter also suggests remaining users that may be same. This simply means that the feature will be on most of the Twitter web pages and you will see this option so many times.

Using this feature, you can find users of common interests like Art & Design, Music, Technology, etc. You will also have an option to hide option to ignore a particular user from being shown in the suggestion list.

Suggestion feature is also available for developers for research and implementation using Twitter API.

Facebook does not want to lag behind and also planned for the similar feature for its users.

The latest feature, users may be aware of, will help you find people of common interest or have similar interests as it is getting difficult to find non spammer people online because there are millions of spammers who are joining these social networking sites everyday and spreading a lot of marketing propaganda.