Tag clouds are those small boxes of words that are use to link the websites with tiny notifications. We often come across with tag clouds while surfing the social networking and blogs websites. The words are a collection of notification used by the website and the parameters for these words is settled by tag cloud. Different kind of programs are available to create the tag cloud but here, I am going to discuss the seven easiest free tag cloud programs. These seven easiest Tag cloud program includes Tweet Cloud, Facebook Status Cloud, Flickr Tag Cloud Generator, MakeCloud, ToCloud, Wordle and Make Word Mosaic by Image Chef. Let us start our discussion on tag cloud with Tweet Cloud.

If you are a great fan of Twitter then you have to choose how big of a tag cloud you like to make.The smaller your cloud, the more relevant will be the results. When you use this program, it will generate a tag cloud with the words that is used by you most ofenly on Twitter. Another free tag cloud program is Facebook Status Cloud. If you are interested to know about your usual status on Facebook then you need to use this application. It generates a tag cloud that will easily pop up the words that are used most frequently and update your status. To generate tag cloud freely for flicker, Flickr Tag Cloud Generator is used frequently. To start with it, you have to enter your Flickr account information inside the tag cloud generator and after that you will get a tag cloud tagging the most common photo that you use. Another program to generate tag cloud is MakeCloud. An interesting feature of this program is that it allows you to enter any RSS feed and also to generate tag cloud for content of that feed. Next application use to generate tag cloud is ToCloud. This application allows you to enter the actual URLs rather than RSS feeds. Wordle is another tag cloud generator application. This is a tag cloud program is closest to the art of crating tags out of words. In this program, you just have to enter the word in tag clouds and the tag cloud generator will automatically generate images for it. Apart from that you can change the font and coloring to make the best appealing image. The last tag cloud generator application, I am going to discuss is Make Word Mosaic by Image Chef. The functionality of this program resembles to Wordle in many ways but it does not have the same high level. However this application makes really cool designs from your tag words. This application is designed to work with comment and blog postings. The coolest feature of this application is that you can paste your images along with blog or comment areas and also in MySpace profiles.

You can use these seven different kinds of programs for a variety of purposes and to gain information.