It duplicated up aero- redesigned function of search, tools, including the producer OF DVD Windows, and it redesigned the organization of network, audio, press, and subsystems of demonstration. Prospect attempts to increase the level of communication between the machines on the domestic network, using technology of the connection of equal units [LVS] in order to simplify the participating files and the media between the computers and the devices. Prospect Windows includes the version 3.0 .NET of structure, permitting the developers of software to write statements without the traditional BEE Windows.

The primary established purpose of Microsoft with the prospect Windows consisted of improving of the state of safety in Windows operating system.  One general criticism Windows XP and its predecessors – their usually operable vulnerability of safety and complete receptivity to malware, viruses and buffer exceeds limits. In light of this, chairman Microsoft declared at beginning 2002 about “deserving confidence computational initiative of entire company”, which attempts to include the work of safety in each aspect of the development of software in the company. While these new special features and improvements of safety obtained positive surveys, prospect was also the purpose of a large quantity of criticism and negative press. The criticism of prospect Windows was intended for its high system requirements, its more limiting periods, the start of many new digital technologies of control of the rights, aimed at the limitation of copying the protected digital of the media, the shortage of the compatibility with some hardware of and software, and the number of permission is caused for the user control of calculation. As a result these and other questions, prospect Windows saw initial adoption and standards of satisfaction lower than Windows XP.  However, approximately with 330 million Internet- users in January 2009, about this declared, that the use of a prospect exceeded the expectations of Microsoft “two years” the achievement of 200 million users. With the release Windows 7 (October 2009), prospect Windows (approximately with 400 million Internet- users) was the second most widely utilized operating system in the Internet with the portion on the market to approximately 18.6%, most widely utilized being appeared Windows XP with the portion on the market to approximately 63.3% to the end May 2010, portion on the market for prospect Windows evaluates range from 15.26% to 26.04%.

I used now a prospect Windows during three days. While I am not confident, that this – need – they have a modernization for the majority of people, there are some interesting special features over the long term, which are very cool and useful (as soon as you find them, which appears). The researcher of software makes possible for you to see several categories of programs, including: Programs of starting, at present governing programs, network the connected programs, and the suppliers of the services Of Winsock.

My favorite – programs of the starting, which makes possible for you to see all programs that load with the starting. For the first time sometimes, prospect makes possible for you to see, does start program for all users or only at present loaded user. Information, if about each program it is more fully than MS-configuration (which still is present over the long term). Best of all, you can injure or remove the program of starting. In order to reach to the researcher of software, make the following:

Search or use by menu of beginning in order to conduct to defender Windows, to harvest to the tools in the strip of the menu of defender Windows, to harvest to the researcher of software, if you want to ensure, that you can make it possible/to mutilate/to remove any of the enumerated points of starting, click show for the button Of all Of users in the base of window, flick continues the user permission of the control of calculation to change the records of list, required to damage the programs of starting, to harvest to any program in the list, and you will have the capability to mutilate/to move away the points of starting.

If nothing something different, Microsoft can finally understand, as important managers of the program of starting can be.