Google Maps is a web based application and a service provided by Google to all users without any commercial intention. Google provides this service free of cost. Google Maps consists of maps or routes of the whole world. Google maps can be used to go in the right direction to reach the destination.

Google Maps for surfers

Google maps help people to find out the place and route to their desired spot which they have never gone before. These maps are used by people of all professions to their benefits. Surfers are not left behind in using the Google Maps. They are taking the help of Google Maps to find the best suitable and new surf spots where they can practice. The best surf spot for any person would be the place where there are less number of people and hence less disturbance. The most popular surf spots will be occupied by a lot of people and hence surfing cannot be enjoyed at those places. So, the surfers are looking for isolated places where the waves will be high and people will be less and use the Google Maps to find those places.

Using Google Maps to find Surf Spots

Google maps can be used in two different ways to find the best suitable surf spot. The first way is to take the help of Global Positioning System which is popularly known as GPS feature. The surfer may realize later that the surfing spot he has chosen is hundreds or even thousands of miles away from the present spot if he does not take the help of GPS. Using the feature of GPS along with Google Maps will help the person to know where he is located in the map and the location of spot he has chosen so that he can find the place which is closer to him and save some time.

The second way to use the Google Maps is by taking the help of satellites. Using the satellite feature along with Google Maps will help the surfer to see the exact image of the surf spot which he has selected. The surfer can see the real life picture of that location and he can decide whether that surf spot is suitable for him or not. Without the use of satellite feature, Google Maps cannot provide the live picture of that location. It shows the still image of that location which is taken at some other time. So, when the surfer reaches there, he may find that it is not suitable for surfing. Hence, using satellite with Google Maps will help the surfer to locate the best surf spot he will be looking for.

Google Maps will also give proper and clear picture about the roads that can be used to get to that surfing spot. The person should use both the GPS and Satellite features with Google Maps to find the Surf Spot so that they do not get disappointed after reaching that surf spot.