With Windows Vista in hand, things are quite interactive and very plausible to be complex at the same time be more secure. Network connections are proliferating at very fast pace and things associated with it require our special heed towards them. “Network security” an important aspect of network based connection especially for the “Wireless” one. Since it is more vulnerable to foreign infringement as it is wireless. The Network Security actually prevents the potential outsiders like hackers and intruders from getting in to your computers or intervening in to your personal messages or important files However, there are different approaches towards the security of your network. Almost all have network key as their base for allowing computers and any other device to access it using the network.

Now, how to find a network key in Vista? Is it possible to retain your network when you have a window based Operating system like Vista?

Yes, it is possible; all you need to do is to access the router’s homepage directly using the router’s settings.

Things you will be requiring will be a network connection via an “Ethernet cable”, a proper running computer and user-friendly router whose settings are not that complex.

Step one

Ensure that you computer is connected to the “router” via an Ethernet cable and your router is in working phase and is bug free, if any. After this, you need to click on the “Start menu” and then access the “run” tab. Where in you need to type “cmd” to get an access to command prompt of your computer.

Step two

In the command prompt dialogue box, type ‘iconic/all’ excluding quotation mark by which you will gain an access to the ‘Default gateway’ of your router. Will be the default gateway displayed and referring to this detail type it in the address bar of your web browser to gain a access to your router homepage entry page. You will require entering the username and password to log in to the homepage of your router and its settings.

Step three

In the window prompted after the above step, skim through to find the security tab of your router and click on “security configuration” option amongst the grid of options and then you will see dialogue boxes where in you can type your new network key.

Step four

Once you are done with typing the new network key, you will be required to get it saved which you can do simply by clicking on the “Apply” or “OK” tab. Close the router setting’s configuration page by saving it which is a must. Enter the new network for allowing an access of the computers and other devices attached with your router, so that they can also gain access to it after the network has been changed.