There are many security features included in the Wireless Internet network to protect it against any kind of unauthorized access so that no intruder can use your network for undesirable or illegal purposes. A wireless router has to implement these security features because hackers have found wireless network relatively easy to penetrate. These security features include using PIN number, password and other security features. You can protect your network against hacking by using these security features. But sometimes it becomes cumbersome to remember each and every number and password and this may happen that you forget or lose your password, PIN number or other security number that you may have configured for your network because some of those you use rarely. Security key or WEP/WPA key is one such thing that is used very rarely and no wonder that you may forget your WEP/WPA key. If it ever happens, follow the instructions I am going to give to locate your security key.

The steps which you have to take in order to get your network security key back are as follows

Step 1: first of all connect your computer to your wireless router. For this use an Ethernet cable.

Step 2: Open the MS Dos prompt. You can do it in two ways. Either you click start button on the task bar, select All Programs, then go to Accessories and choose Command Prompt from it. Or you click Start button on the task bar, choose run. This will open up a box where you can type

Step 3: In the MS Dos window, type IPCONFIG /ALL. As soon as you finish typing, a list containing IP addresses of your routers next to Gateway entry will be displayed on the screen.

Step 4: Now you need to open the Internet Explorer. In the address bar of the Internet Explorer, type the IP address which you found next to the gateway entry.  When you hit Enter on your keyboard, a log in screen will be opened.

Step 5: You will be asked to provide username. For this, just type Admin for the username. Usually the password is one the four items. It may be Admin, it may be password, it may be brand name of the router or it may be 1234. Give whatever is your choice.

Step 6: After you finished typing the password, the router’s user interface will be opened where you can easily locate the security key you were looking for. You can take a printout of to use it in future. You never know when you will forget your security key again. At that time you will not have to go through all the process described above in order to retrieve the security key of your wireless network!