All those who use or are proud owners of a Mac would be well aware of the fact that someday, it will crash! To avoid losing the important files stored on it, it is always advisable to have an external backup for the important data files.

How does one know that the Mac has crashed?
The answer to this is, when all of a sudden a flash/pop up requests you to restart your Mac and after doing so, your desktop appears to be blank and there is only a search visible. This is the sign that your Mac has crashed.

Ways to fix Mac OS crash
There are many reasons why a Mac crashes the most common is distortion or a corrupted file/s. Once it crashes it has to be mended. Some of the most commonly practiced ways to fix the Mac OS are as follows:

• First of all you will have to shut down the system. Hold the power button for couple of seconds to shut down the Mac.

• Now for turning Mac back on, you have to use the keyboard. The keyboard should be plugged to the Mac. This can be done with the help of a K- Switch or something equivalent.

• When the keyboard is plugged in, not all of its keys will work. However, the shift key will be working. So press and hold this key for a few seconds.

• The Mac has now loaded all the basic files. An administrator log window will appear: get logged in it! One thing to note is that at the time of log, all the icons should be distributed and there should be no desktop preferences set.

• Now the hard drive needs to be opened. This can be done by clicking the Hard Drive icon twice. (for clicking take the help of the mouse)

• Now in a similar manner double click the Users folder.

• Locate the house icon on the screen, this is the ADMIN folder. Once located, double click on it.

• Open the Library folder subsequently after opening ADMIN folder.

• Now you will have to open the preference folder by double clicking on it.

• Locate two files, namely COM.APPLE.FINDER.PLIST and
COM.APPLE.SPOTLIGHT.PLIST. After finding these, place them on the desktop. The first file cannot be done without; if second file is not found then the problem can even be fixed without it!

• Shut down all the windows appearing on the screen and restart Mac. If you still find the above mentioned files on the desktop, then once again restart Mac. Reset your preferences and start operating it in the usual manner.

• One of the quickest solutions to fix a Mac OS crash is to visit an Apple outlet. Their engineers will quickly discover the problem in Mac and fix it. You can also seek advice to some precautions in order to avoid and fix such a crash in future.

Crash Report Application
Apple recommends installation of a Crash Application Report in your system. This application should be stored in the library folder as Core services. Crash Report sends out the details of UNIX crash logs which assist the engineers to know more about the crash.
One can copy the details of logs into their email client for sending them to their application vendor.

The typical Crash Reporter application has three modes:
(i) On crash, the first mode would not display anything.
(ii)The second mode will only present crash information on a dialog box.
(iii)The third mode will show the Crash Report window.

An insightful search on the internet or participating in Apple Discussion Forums can help enhance the knowledge about correct ways of using Mac OS to avoid future troubles.