A computer system or PC needs regular maintenance in order to function efficiently. However every user faces common computer glitches. Some of these computer problems and their resolution can be stated as follows:

Windows Help

Windows has extensive help on every topic. If you get stuck somewhere then before seeking anybody else’s help try searching something on the Windows help.

Identify the Problem

What will you fix if you don’t know what the problem is. See if you get any error message. In Windows now you get options for fixing the error along with the error message. Try fixing the error by those options. These options might look for an online solution or can also open a do it yourself decision tree.

Try Fix It

Microsoft has launched its new error fixing tool called Microsoft Fix It beta. You can download this tool and get yourself guided and helped in getting problems fixed. This tool would need your Windows Live account as the login credential and once you log into it will access the basic computer information and the error logs and will send you the error recovery options if available.

General Issues

  • System Performance – This is directly proportional to the Hardware and Software configuration of your computer. If you find that your computer is running low on resources then its time to upgrade the Hardware. Programs and applications are always developed keeping the latest Hardware Configuration in mind, so if you install a new application on your old computer then it will work but not efficiently
  • Internet Connectivity Issues – These issues can be because of your computer or because of some issues in your network or because of some issues from the ISP. Always follow an approach of drilling down to the problem. Look from a wider perspective and then filter out the possibilities. Check with your ISP if they have any issue. Check if other computers connected to the same network are able to connect to the internet or not. Check if your computer is getting a valid IP address from the ISP or from the Router (if any) and then reach to the actual cause of the trouble. Try using the PING command to find out the connectivity, and using another web browser other than the one you always use would also be a good idea to understand the situation.
  • System Failure – System failure which we often call as no boot situation can be categorized in two parts: Hardware failure and the Operating System Failure. If it is a Hardware failure then your system will not boot at all and it is quite possible that you will not get anything on the screen as well and all this will happen before you could reach the Windows logo. If it is an operating system trouble then you will at least see the Windows logo and if not then your system’s BIOS will let you know about a corrupt operating system. Once you know the problem, act accordingly.