You might have once received an error message, which says, “You are logged into Temporary Profile”. This actually means that anything that a user would do will  be wiped out under that profile heading. It actually gets wiped out in permanently once the user gets logged out. This is an acute problem for many users  and it is mostly seen when it is a member of the original domain, performs any action. In this blog you will learn how to fix the error, which has occurred, in the Windows 7. Here you will not have to delete the whole thing but you will have to simply delete the profile. This usually comes in a very user-friendly configuration and time can be saved for backing up and transferring of data.

You will guide on how to fix the corrupt windows 7 profiles- logged in as temp through the various steps that are discussed in this particular article.

You will have to primarily “Restart” the PC to release and open all the locks on profiles where you are working. Then simply log in with another administrative account. Make sure you open with another account because your first account has been deleted. After logging in with another administrative account, you will have to delete C:\Users\%username%. After the deletion of the given profile, you will have to delete C:\Users\TEMP. Well there is a series of things, which you will have to delete. After deleting the mentioned two profiles, you will have to delete the registry key.

Then you will have to restart your computer and you are done with all the temporary files in the computer and the files, which were actually disturbing you while you were working on your computer.

The user profile, which a user actually uses, is a collection of settings and these settings a make the computer look and work the way we want it to do. It actually contains the settings, which we have provided for our desktop backgrounds, screen savers, pointer preferences, sound settings, and other features. A new user account is necessary to create new profiles to fix the problems of the corrupted one. When you create a new profile, a new account is also created. The steps mostly varies on the basis that whether it is working on a domain or a work group. You will for sure have to take the help of the Microsoft Management Console. Here you will just have to click on the local users and groups. Then rests have been described above.

Windows 7 is a user friendly operating system and is one of the latest operating system which is creating mayhem in the software market and with the release of this particular window, Microsoft has also made many changes in the software field. So, one can check out the total features and everything in detail to achieve the best result.