Many a times you get annoyed because the system is not working properly. There can many cause of this mess, it may be due to corruption of some windows files or installation error in Windows. This article will help you to fix and repair the corrupt Windows operating system. There are several versions of Windows that are popular among users; we will help you to fix all the available version of Windows.

To repair a corrupt Windows Vista:


If there is no problem in loading of Windows Vista installation then try running System Restore. Now to run System Restore, open your start menu, click “Accessories,” and then click “System Tools.” Now you have to click on the “System Restore” menu item.


Now the System Restore will launch, and then will suggest a restore point for you. Now your system automatically creates restore points at scheduled times. You can restore your PC to a different time, click the radio button: “Choose a different restore point.” Now the screen will appear with a list of restore points, you just have to select the specific restore point to get back the previous state of the computer. You can also perform this thing in another way, just click next with suggested restore point selected and click finish to finish the process. Now the operating system will attempt to restore the system on the given restore point.

May be sometimes System Restore fails or does not fix Windows, or Windows is not able to load at all, you will need to use your Windows Vista CD to attempt a startup repair. To do this configures your PC to boot from the optical drive via the BIOS setup. To enter the BIOS, consult your PC’s manual or online knowledge base at the manufacturer’s website to learn how to do this because each PC has its own way to enter BIOS. Basically it involves pressing a button at the POST screen (the screen immediately displayed when you first power on your PC), and changing the boot order.


Now you successfully change the boot order, you just have to reboot your PC. To do this, press any key on the keyboard when the prompt Press any key to boot from CD will appears on the screen. When you press the key, the Windows Vista setup program will launch, now you just need to click on the button “Repair your computer. Now the¬†Windows will scan for installations of Windows and show you list of installed windows, Select the corrupt installation of Windows and press “Startup Repair.” Now it is the time to follow the prompts issued by Windows to repair the installation of Window. While doing this, the Windows will reboot several times and it will also take some time to finish the process. You just have to make sure about correct installation.

To repair a corrupt Windows XP:

To repair a corrupt Windows XP, you just have to follow the steps we described above. There may be some different steps but it will appear on the screen. You just have to stick to the instructions appeared on the screen and you are able to repair or fix the corrupt Windows.