System Restore in Windows is a God given tool (if you believe in God otherwise a fruit of a genius thoughtful masterminded developers). Windows 7 has further bettered their work on System Restore functionality, it is brilliantly useful especially when you have upgraded to a new operating system. It is useful when you have download new software’s and this software is not willing to work well with your operating system and this is when System Restore steps in.

Set it up

Of course you have to initially set the restore point for your Windows 7 to refer to as a point where your computer was functioning well and giving you no or least dramas. At the crunch time you can use the restore point and set all things right and can be achieved in these few easy steps:

  • Using the run command type msconfig and press enter. This will open a window where you have to click on the last tab called Tools.
  • Under the tools tab there will be list of function, so scroll down to find System Restore. Once you highlight System Restore, click on the Launch button, at the bottom right hand corner of the main window.
  • This will open a System Restore wizard and the first page introduces you the the wizard and gives a brief description of the activity, once you finished reading the description click Next.
  • Here you will be given a list of times and dates, which the system thinks was the good time, you could choose any date that you can closely remember when you computer worked well, or else to see more dates click on “show more restore points”. Once you made your choice click Next.
  • On the next page if you are certain about the date you have chosen, Click Finish or else go back and choose another date and return. Once you click on Finish you will be prompted to restart you computer, say Yes or OK and go ahead with the restart.


Once you have restarted your computer, your system will be set to the settings how it was the date you mentioned as your restore point. Any software’s or programs downloaded or files saved will be removed. So make sure you have a backup of any      important files you have made or saved between the date and time you set the restore and current time.

When all fails

System restores is a saviour even when a malicious virus or spyware has attacked your computer and neither your anti-virus software nor your anti-spyware is of any help. The solution then is System Restore to the point where your computer was functioning properly.

Backup and restore works hand in hand, since if you have backed up all your files to an external or a network drive, you can be assured of restoring the files back even when you have done a System Restore.  Therefore it is recommended that you use backup functionality as soon as you have your computer up and running.