When you are working online or playing online games, you can face latency issues. Latency issues are very common during online work. Latency is very important for online calls and games. Latency occurs in a network due to delay in conversion. The speed of games and calls depend on the system latency. If your latency is low, you can easily play online games in real time. Mainly it is important for those who are more into online business. So it is better to resolve the latency issues.

Steps to fix latency issues

There can be number of steps to resolve the latency issues in your system. Here we are going to help you with these following instructions:

At first we will tell you about your wireless connection. Most of the people use net gear wireless router for internet. You can perform some action to optimize the performance of this router: just go to control panel in your computer, in control panel right click on the network connection and select properties. When you select properties, now select configuration and go to advance tab. In advance tab you can see at the bottom WiFi 11b IBSS, Just click on the enable button. It will surely help you to speed the connection. If you are connected in a home network wireless, then try to connect your system by an Ethernet cable. It will surely help you to increase the speed and from my personal experience I am telling you it works dramatically. It can increase the speed of network from 54 mbps to 100 mbps.

As you know that system speed also affect the connection speed of network. So always perform system cleanup on regular basis. Some viruses and spywares also affect the speed of the network. So we recommend you to use an efficient antivirus and antispyware. There are some online help is also available like nonags.com, it is very light and easy to use.

If you are playing an online game then always try to go to site troubleshoot page and support page to clear all the issues. May be sometimes setting of the game is not correct so it will help you technically to correct those settings. Sometimes defragmentation of the system also helps to fix latency issue if the system. The hard disk of the system process a chunk of data and it place around the drive. Performing the defragmentation process set all the data at specified place in hard disk and improves the performance of the system. We also recommend you to run defragmentation at least once in a month. If the problem in the network is more often, you can call them up and ask for troubleshooting. We also recommend you to also run chkdsk and scandisk utility available in every Windows regularly.

While performing all these operation, do not try to mess up with system and network settings. It can be harmful to your system files and can corrupt the files.