If you are among the few who have been facing errors while downloading or just after installation of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, follow the steps to fix the common errors. There is several trouble shooting steps available depending on what Microsoft Operating System you are running on your computer and the security settings set on your computer.

Things to keep in Mind

Before you begin any step you need to be in Administrative mode. Then ensure you have changed all security settings back to default mode and any custom changes have to be adjusted.  Next run your antivirus software and / or malware to ensure there are no bugs or virus in your computer that could be bothering with the proper functioning and download of IE 8. Also you may need to temporarily disable anti-spyware and firewalls, which may be blocking from new settings to be installed in your computer. Also ensure you have backup all your important files and folders in case you need to run a clean reinstall of your operating system, which could ensure proper functioning of your Microsoft Windows operating system.

Installation Prerequisites

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 can only be downloaded to your operating system after it ensures it is compatible with the version of your windows. You computer need to be running on Windows XP Service Pack 2, or Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2008, or Windows Vista without any particular service pack. While you are using your current version of Internet Explorer, you may have to change from the current page or settings you were in earlier. Therefore you create a shortcut of the to the Web page you were on earlier, so that you can visit the webpage after all installation procedure and not loose any information or go search for the web page you were on.  Creating a shortcut is easy, simply right click on the page you are in and you will be given the option Create Shortcut, this will leave a shortcut of the page on your desktop or any targeted folder so that you can access it when you restart your computer after the IE installation process.

If none works

There are instances, where even after thoroughly following the steps, you are still unable to fix the installation errors you faced while downloading Windows Internet Explorer 8. In the event visit Microsoft website and search for Internet Explorer 8 Readiness Toolkit, this will give you a link to a website under the same heading, where you can report a complaint or see related function errors.

Also ensure when you are downloading Windows Internet Explorer, you download the version from the original worldwide sites, so you can be sure of the source of download. Also try to uninstall the program first if you are not able to use it optimally and reinstall the browser from the website, this should ensure most errors are fixed. Also ensure you have updated versions of your Microsoft Windows operating system like Windows XP, Windows Vista and / or Windows 7.