Symantec’s Norton Anti-virus security software is one of the best selling anti-virus programs to-date. It prevents your computers from harmful viruses which interrupts your computer’s performance. It not only fights against all odds but also deprives the irritation being caused by re-starting computer and interrupting performance.

However, we must not forget that Anti-virus programs like Norton may also have problems adhered to them. So, bear in mind to save the changes in the settings made of Norton Anti-virus because this way you allow Norton to remember them. If you long to go for restoring the factory default you can also do so and set the original settings running. Moreover, keep in mind restoring or saving your Norton Anti-virus software is the best and finest remedy to get your program fixed in any such hue is shown.

Step one

Find out the “Norton Internet Security” icon on you desktop. By double-clicking on it, open the program. On the window in front of you choose the “Settings” option which you must find on the screen prompted. Depending on the version of your Norton Internet security, there are dozen of approaches to change or reset the security settings of your Norton. These settings encompass bits like when should your Norton scan your system, what should be operation norms and when should it run or when not.

Step two

Once you have made the desired changes, save the settings and apply the changes by simply clicking on the “save” or “apply”, which you can find at the bottom of the prompted screen. Give sometime for the program to finish loading and thereby, your settings will be then saved.

Step three

If you want to revert back the settings to default form like when the settings were at the time you installed the program on your PC. You can simply do this by clicking on the “Restore all” or “Restore to Factory Settings”, which you can easily find at the bottom of restoration page of the Norton windows. This is the best remedy to fix any prevailing problem and Norton Internet Security can be easily fixed by using this method.

Step four

If suppose your Norton Internet Security is not running properly or is undergoing under ill performance even after adhering to above mentioned ways. Then you must go for ultimate effect form, that is, you must go for un-installing the latter from your PC. This you can do by simply clicking on the “Control Panel” option and then double-clicking on the “Add/Remove Programs” icon. The Add/Remove program produces a list of software and skim through to find the Norton Internet Security icon. Click on the latter and then click on highlighted remove/un-install tab. This remedy can be very helpful to solve you Norton problem.

Nevertheless, for every problem there is a solution. All we have to do is put in our robust efforts to solve the mystery. Norton related problems can be easily eradicated by simply following the above measures precisely.