Fix Pdm.dll Error :

PDM.DLL is a Dynamic Link Library which contains functions for many scripting operations. It is used by several versions of Internet Explorer for Script Debugging. Make sure that you follow the troubleshooting given below only in the error messages where pdm.dll error is specifically mentioned as the module name and not in any other crash of Internet Explorer. For any other crash follow the relevant troubleshooting given in other articles and not in this one.

The complete error message that you would receive is “Microsoft Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close”. To check if this error is because of PDM.DLL, click on the “Click Here” link given in the error for viewing more details. When the more details window comes up check the module name. The module name should be PDM.DLL and if it is not then please do not follow the steps given below.

How to fix PDM.DLL error in Windows 7 ?

To fix this problem you can do the any of the two steps; either disable Script debugging or update the version of PDM.DLL file. To disable the script debugging first close all the Windows of Internet Explorer and then open the Control Panel. In control panel look for Internet Options and open it. Once the internet options window is opened click on the Advanced Tab. There under the browsing section put a check in the Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer) check box and also put a check in the Disable Script Debugging (Others) check box. It is possible that you might not get the Disable Script Debugging (Others) option in your version of Internet Explorer so do not bother if it is missing. Click on OK for closing the Internet Options Window. You should restart Windows so that the PDM.DLL file is not loaded to be used by Internet Explorer.

When you need the Script Debugging file in any other application and cannot disable it then you need to update its version else you will continue receiving this error while working on Internet Explorer. The update can be done by downloading the newer version from Microsoft’s website but it should be done only after checking what Windows version is running on your computer. If you have Windows 98 or Windows ME then there is no update available for pdm.dll and the only thing left for you is to upgrade the entire operating system. If you have later versions then pdm.dll can be upgraded by either upgrading the Microsoft office or Microsoft Visual Studio which you have. If you have Microsoft Office 2000 then upgrade it to Service Release 1a, and if you have Visual Studio 6 then upgrade it to Visual Studio service pack 5 or later. The pdm.dll file is a part of these application packages and upgrading these applications will surely upgrade the pdm.dll file which should resolve your problem. The steps mentioned above are the only resolution to this problem and there is nothing else that can be done. The upgrade path for pdm.dll (through office or studio) is available on the web site; however the support for this file is no longer available because pdm.dll as a script debugging file has been discontinued by Microsoft.