One of the most awaited Windows Operating Systems has been the Windows Vista. This system took the world by storm in 2007 when it was introduced after years of development. Having cost the Microsoft Corporation just over 6 billion dollars in research, development and release, the Windows Vista was a much anticipated operating system. Codenamed Longhorn, the Windows Vista, like all certified Microsoft products has a list of installations that are regarded as compatible with it.

Flexera’s InstallShield

Flexera Software has been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has more than 20 years of experience building software that caters to Microsoft. They have created various versions of the very successful InstallShield that allows user’s access to an easy and hassle free way to installation in the various Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. The latest addition to this exclusive band wagon is the InstallShield 2010 which is compatible with Windows Vista as well as the newer Windows 7. Usage of InstallShield in Windows Vista makes the creation of dependable Windows Installer (MSI), InstallScript installations and App-V virtual packages relatively easy and cost effective.

Even though InstallShield is primed to make the going easier with Windows Vista, some changes made in the Vista layout may cause certain incompatibilities with the Windows Vista operating system. If any such problems are faced, approach the problem with a step by step diagnosis so as to present yourself with the most fitting solution.


  • The first step would be to simply shut down all existing running applications including the ones in the system tray that are not needed.
  • Once that is done, do check to see that the most updated Windows Vista service pack is currently running on your computer as in case it isn’t, that might be causing the issues with InstallShield.
  • For any other error codes showing up, check the InstallShield Common Error Codes page. If the error is listed here, simply follow the steps listed to arrive at a solution. This page can be accessed through the Resources section with ease.
  • In case, none of this solves the problem and InstallShield still seems to be malfunctioning, it is most likely that the problem exists with the third party software that you are intending to download so give the documentation that was provided with said software a once over.
  • If there are any registry errors, one might also try downloading repair software online. There are times when an InstallShield error in Windows Vista is due to a virus or spyware having caused the malfunction. Run a spyware detection and removal tool to ensure that your operating system is free from all spyware infections.
  • At the end, if unfortunately all the methods do not make the grade, try restarting your computer using the Safe mode. Once this is done, try installing the software once more.

Flexera’s InstallShield allows consumers to access the Consumer Central online to aid trouble shooting for any malfunctioning pertaining to the InstallShield. Ensure you have correctly ruled out the third party software as cause for the inconvenience.