Windows Vista is a successor to the very successful Windows XP version of Microsoft’s flagship Windows operating system. It improves on the security model of Windows XP which came under particular focus because of the advent of malware and viruses. The popularity o the operating system has meant that a lot of programs are available to run on the platform and since anyone with the requisite skills and intent is welcome to develop software it creates a rich variety in the software ecosystem. The trade off being that since not all software is created to very high standard users may find themselves running into a spot of bother with unverified software publishers.

What is Microsoft Windows Vista Installer?

Windows Vista is a popular operating system and there is a vibrant software ecosystem around this software platform. There is a plethora of application, system and special-purpose software built around it. Windows installer is a part of Microsoft Windows Vista operating system that is responsible for correct installation and removal of software from your personal computer. It has the responsibility to ensure that the all the necessary helper files a program needs to run are already in place and everything required to run a program is either already installed to the PC or comes bundled with the installer. When uninstalling a program it tries to ensure that all un-necessary files are removed from your system.

What causes Windows installer errors?

The problem is not so much to do with Microsoft Windows Vista itself as it is to do with the kind and quality of software installed to the system. The number of applications created for Windows Vista measure in the millions and it is possible that two applications are competing for some resource that makes both incompatible. It is possible that the installer itself has errors or that un-installation was not clean. There is no guarantee of quality in a lot of the software created for Windows Vista and the owners are advised to install it at their own risk. Sometimes it is possible that an uninstall procedure removed a file that was required by some other program(s). There are many ways to end up with problems in the Windows Vista installer.

What is the fix for Windows Installer errors?

Trying to locate the exact cause of the error may be like looking for a needle in a haystack. It is entirely possible for a problem in one part of the system to create more problems, which means it may become difficult to locate the original error. This happens because software does not work in isolation and depends on several other components for working. They will scan and fix registry and other install/uninstall errors almost effortlessly.