Internet connection is very important these days but it can be pretty troublesome! You might have experienced problems such as slow speeds while downloading, intermittent disconnection and so on. There are several reasons for this. As no one is happy to carry on with these disturbances, one has to hire a professional who knows the subject and can get the problems settled. In future, you will not face such issues if you follow these simple instructions that follow.

Resetting of Network Settings

Resetting of network settings will have the same effect as refreshing your internet connection. On most occasions, doing that will solve the problems with your internet connection. If it doesn’t solve the problem, you can go to “reset all settings”, but remember, all your preferences will get deleted with this command but your connection problem may get resolved.

Use the Program Network Stumbler

This is a program that you can download from the internet and it can scan all the wireless internet connections available in your area. You must know the channels and the SSID used in the area and these should be entered into your computer.  Also, you have to check out the administration account of your router and find the wireless settings button. In case you see another network that has a name similar to that of yours, then you need to change the SSID name of your computer.

Make a change of Network Channel

Very often the main reason for many network problems is that too many people are hooked to the system at the same point of time. There is a remedy for this. Check the administrator account of your router and find what channel is being used by your network. The button to check this is present in the advanced settings. Change the channel if it is being used by another network in the area. For this purpose, you have the option to change from channel 1 through 11. If you are on channel 1 and there is another network on the same channel, change yours to channel 5 or 6 to make things easy for you.

Configuration of Wireless zero

Some WiFi problems could be solved by the manipulation of wireless configuration. This is present in the controls panel’s service icon. You need to go to control panel, then to administrative tools and press the icon for select services. Go to wireless zero configuration and then press stop service button followed by start service button.

Keep away from devices that could interfere with your wireless connection.

When you surf the internet using a wireless connection, make it a point to keep your computer at least 10 meters away from devices such as cordless phones, microwave ovens and any other equipment that could interfere with your wireless signal.

Next time you encounter a problem with your wireless internet connection, you don’t need to worry. Before going for help to a professional, try these little things. In all probability, you will end up successful!