Ever since the release of the windows 7 operating system, I have been one of the most faithful users, enjoying its advanced and interesting features till I could not watch a video any more. Having what is celebrated as the most advanced edition of the windows line of operating systems; I had hard time trying to figure out what had gone wrong with the windows 7 operating system I was using. But as I was to discover a while later after correcting the video error, it was a minor and simple operation and the videos were up and running again.

Windows Media Player’s Shortcomings

Microsoft windows 7 has an inbuilt video player, the Windows Media Player, and even though it is advanced and can perform efficiently with certain video formats, it is incapable of playing some types of video file formats. Formats such as MKV cannot be played unless there is additional support from other codecs. However, I soon discovered that I could do away with the annoying video errors if I had an all inclusive codec package. It allows you to play any video format without having to worry about the video errors. To achieve the above, I will give the illustrations on how to.

To begin with;

There are certain codecs that your will have to get for the errors to be eliminated completely and they include the CCCP Codec pack, the K-lite codec park and obviously the Media Player codec pack. These three are crucial in the procedure for doing away with the annoying errors. It can be very disappointing when you want to watch a movie or your any favorite video via the media player and it returns you a video error message. So this is what you need to to get rid of the messages;


Simply switch on your PC and give it a few seconds to load the windows 7 operating system on the desktop. Once you are here, just click on the web browser to open it, regardless of the one you have, whether it is Mozilla, opera mini or even internet explore 8 etc. Once you have opened your browser, the aim is to search for the required codec packs online and they are a dime dozen, others are even open source software. Use your browser to download codes packs such as CCCP, K-lite or Media Player codec pack whichever you will find first.

The download should take relatively short time as the codecs are not big in size. Once your download is complete, simply open the codec you downloaded by double clicking on it and it will initiate the installation process. Continue and install it into your computer and be sure you will not get the video errors any more. What this codecs do is provide a myriad of codecs from which you can play any video file you have without hassle.

Once the installation process is complete, all you have to do is restart the machine and the changes you made will become active and your video files will play without giving you the errors.