When you are using a computer for some time and are creating/deleting files, the files tend to interchange and as a result, the computer will slow down. Also, some of your programs will not run or will give different error messages and will stall when you are running them. When you run programs such as videos, the data will buffer for longer times pausing the video from time to time.

When you run defragmenter programs, they arrange files in the proper order to enable them to be located easily on the computer. Also, they bring down the blank spaces between files rendering more blank spaces in a disc. Sometimes when you run the defragmenter it might stop in between. What can you do to get it running again? The following are some clues to get it going once again.

  • When your defragmenter is stalled, the first thing you can do is switch off the computer and restart it. While the system tray is loading, you must not open any programs.
  • Disabling the screen saver also will help. To do this, go to Start and then to Control Panel. Select Display and double click on the icon. The Display window will open. Next, select the screen saver tab present there. Go to screen saver and select none. This will prevent the stalling of the disk defragmenter due to automatic opening of the screen saver, which occupies a significant amount of space.
  • One preventive measure to avoid defragmenter stalling is to correct bad sectors, files and folders before running the disc defragmenter. You need to open “My Computer” and then right click what you are trying to defragment. From the menu, find the scan disc facility. Sometimes it will appear as “scan with”… followed by the name of your antivirus program. Scan your computer and the program will find any problems existing with your files and will correct them. Doing this will prevent the stalling of the antivirus program on most occasions.
  • Perform the disc clean up before disc defragmentation. When the list of items for deleting is shown, delete only the items that you can afford to delete.
  • To start defragmentation you must go to the Start button then to “All Programs”. Select system tools and go to disc defragmentation. Click on the item and your disc defragmentation will start.
  • The progress of disc defragmentation will be shown on the screen. Once the defragmentation is finished, close the program.
  • In case the disc defragmenter stops while running and doesn’t respond, press control – alt- delete buttons simultaneously. The task manager window will open. Find if there are any other programs that are not respondin and close them by selecting “End Task”
  • Running several programs at the same time is one of the reasons for the disc defragmenter to stop while running.

Arranging files and getting maximum use of the disc space has definitely become easier with the disc defragmenter.